Oakville Triangle 

Cooper Carry, 2016-2017

Oakville Triangle is a group of underutilized industrial properties between an existing park and a new transit-way in Alexandria. The proposed plan redevelops the industrial properties into a mixed-use neighborhood center anchored by a robust retail environment. The plan provides a new neighborhood center introducing residential development east of Route 1 where old rail yards once ran.

I was part of a four-person design team in charge of developing the conceptual design packet for Block A1, which was a mixed-use building of first floor retail with office space above. I helped to model the office building inside of Revit and prepare floor plans and elevations for the submission set. In addition, I was also asked to create two photo-realistic renders of the building. The first is a view from Route 1, the main roadway along the east edge of the site. The second is from a proposed plaza within the master plan.


Both images were created by exporting Revit geometry into SketchUp. Within SketchUp, additional elements were added before creating a base render with Vray. The entourage, storefronts, and additional textures were created inside Adobe Photoshop.