Lunar Gala

CMU fashion show, 2018-2019

alluminare v. (transitive)

to add gold or silver to pigments in order to make the painting (usually a miniature) shine

Lunar Gala is a student-run organization and arguably one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh, having sold out over 1200 seats each year with 140+ students involved in producing, designing, modeling, and dancing in the show. For the 2019 show, I partnered with two other architecture students to create an eight-look collection. Alluminare seeks to explore how fashion can exist outside the spotlight through the incorporation of resin with textiles to create wearables that reflect a hard softness and transform in emphasis. During the day, initial thoughts are formed about a garment- its form, the fabrics, and how it fits to the human body. It is only when darkness falls that the true nature of a piece is revealed. Different areas  are colored and covered, and the transition from light to dark highlights distinct geometries that may not initially be apparent. Through the generous support of Art N’ Glow, Alluminare is an inquiry into materiality, hybrid textiles and viewer experience.


This project was funded [in part] by Carnegie Mellon’s Undergraduate Research Office.